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Do Bananas Cause Constipation

Do bananas cause constipation?  What a controversial and confusing topic.

I hope to shed some light on this for you in an easy to understand way.  I love eating bananas and I eat them every day (2x a day).

Do they make me constipated?

I do have a constipation issue that I have been working on for many years.  There have been times I didn’t eat bananas and I was constipated.  So, they don’t make me more or less constipated.  They seem to have no effect on me.

I don’t have the explanation for what I am about to tell you but maybe this is a reason why some have problems and some benefit from eating bananas.

In the blood type diet, Blood type A & AB should avoid bananas.  Blood type B will greatly benefit from them while Type O is neutral (not bad or highly beneficial).

I am a type O and I enjoy them while my wife is an O – and they don’t work well with her (doesn’t make her constipated).

So maybe that is a clue to why it may work for some and not others?

Here is another possibility as to why bananas can cause constipation.

Bananas are picked while they are green.  Fruits and vegetables are way more beneficial when they ripen on the plant/tree and then we eat it.  But, that is difficult to do since a lot of the fruits and veggies come from long distances.

If bananas are eaten when they are green, it is possible that this may make it harder to digest and cause a sluggish movement and constipation.  So make sure the bananas are ripe (some brown dots).

If you buy bananas that are processed for you (jarred,canned,frozen), you wont know if they were ripe or not when processed.

So this is the opportunity for you to make your own jarred or frozen bananas.  Make sure you take the peel off before freezing, otherwise its difficult to get it off. LOL

If you think bananas are making you constipated, stop eating them for a while.  If you stay constipated, it probably isn’t the bananas.  If you are no longer constipated, start eating them again and see what happens.  You will have your answer.

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