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Natural Constipation Help

Looking for fast constipation relief? There are several options that I want to share with you with the good and bad to think about.

If you have a temporary constipation problem, what you can do will be different than if you have a long term problem.  Many years ago, I thought I had a constipation problem that just popped up one day and it was temporary but after learning all about constipation, I realized it has been happening over time.

It wasn’t temporary at all.

So I learned about the different ways to relieve short and long term constipation. The best thing is for your colon to move on its own, so never depend on something long term.

Short Term Quick Constipation Relief


A colonic is a great way to remove the poop from your bowels.  But you may have to make an appointment with a specialist to have this done.  What happens is, a hose is inserted in your butt and water flows through it and fills your colon.  Than the water is sucked back out and pulls out the poop.  This isn’t great if you need something right now.  Also, you would have to be comfortable with your bottom being naked and someone inserting the hose into your body.

There is a do-it-at-home setup that you can buy. This colonic board, hose, and container will allow you to do just that. The part of the board with the opening goes over your toilet so all the liquid and poop heads that direction.

Shower Head

One thing I started doing was taking the handheld shower (has a filter on it, don’t want chlorine in the colon which will kill the good bacteria) and put it up to my butt and fill my colon with water. Than I go sit on the toilet and let everything come out. Sometimes I go back, fill up with more water, and do it again.


Enemas act in a similar way as the colonic does.  You take the object containing the solution, put it in your butt, and squirt it in.  You let it sit for a certain amount of time, and release what you can.  Than go back and do it again to release everything out.

Enema’s are habit forming, so if you have to do them frequently, you have a problem that needs some help.  Join my newsletter to learn more.  Habit forming means that you colon will stop working properly because you are bypassing its action to have a bowel movement.  This will make you dependent on Enemas to have a bowel movement and that is not a good thing.

You can buy enemas at the grocery or drug store if you need something right now.  I don’t buy my health products from there because they are usually filled with junk, synthetic ingredients (not good for you no matter what they say), and can be toxic and harmful.  If that is the only thing you can get for this temporary fix, go for it but plan for the future.

Here are some do-it-yourself enema products.

Enema Bag and Bucket Set
Enema Bulb Syringe
Enema Shower Kit
Enema Bag


There are many laxatives out there and they are habit forming like I explained above about enemas. A laxative is something that you swallow and it will push things from the inside. This tends to take time and isn’t quick like the options above. Your colon can become dependent on this by requiring the “push” from the laxative or it wont move. So if you use this, make it short term.

If laxatives use senna, this is a very strong herb and can cause damage if used to long. It is very addictive/habit forming so it should only be used for severe cases.

I share healthy and safe ways for long term without the use of senna or habit forming methods on my newsletter.

Tea (Senna)

I have seen teas on the shelves promoting help for constipation. I noticed that they use senna which you should use with caution (see above under laxatives).

Long Term Constipation Relief

If you need help with long term constipation, than you are in the same situation as myself. I went from having a bowel movement every 4 days to having multiple a day. I do take somethings to make that happen while I am helping my body to heal. I discovered what was causing my constipation and it was getting worse because I wasn’t addressing it. Join my newsletter to learn about the long term approach.



Are you looking for the types of foods that cause constipation?  I will introduce you to the type of food that causes constipation and I also want to make sure you know how to help the problem.


I wont be giving a long list of food items to avoid.  Once you learn what to eat, you simply avoid all the other stuff (probably most things you are eating).

What Foods Cause Constipation

The good food that you want to eat are the basics that you already know about.  Fruit, veggetables, protein (meat or vegetarian), and some grains.  You might be familiar with the food pyramid (put out by the government) but you can throw that out the window.  Eating this diet can cause constipation.

USDA Food Pyramid 1992

The above image is the food pyramid of the USDA from 1992.  The government recommended this as the diet for each American.

The first thing the recommend is to use Fats, Oils, and sweets sparingly.  There are both good fats and bad fats.  The bad fats you should avoid and make sure you consume good oils (like cold pressed, virgin olive oil).  I put it on my salad when I eat it.  It also can be good for helping cholesterol issues.

High cholesterol is undigested fats.  When you sign up on my email list, you will learn about having a proper digestion so you will digest fats as well as proteins and carbs.

Next it says to consume dairy.  Really…. just get rid of dairy.  Dairy is known to make people sick, create mucous which can cause a sluggish bowel (constipation).

Not all nuts are going to work well for you and if you eat to much, it can cause a sluggish bowel.  Think about the jar of peanut butter moving through your body.  You know how it kinda has a hard time going down your throat?  That is what it does through whole body.  So, limit the amount of nuts and go with almonds.

Meat, fish, and poultry protein isn’t for everyone.  There are some people that should be on a vegetarian protein diet.  I talk more about these kinds of things on my email list.

Fruit and vegetables are very important.  We need to have these everyday.  I just bought a ninja blender and put in frozen fruit with raw organic spinach.

Lastly, it is recommended to have bread, cereal, rice, and pasta.  You really don’t need to eat any of these.  I find it comical that it is supposed to be such a big staple in the diet.

Just like nuts, bread, cereals, and pasta may cause a sluggish, constipation condition.  If you eat a lot of dry food, it will drag through your system slow.

Water isn’t on the list so you want to drink pure water (steam distilled ran through coconut charcoal or RODI – Reverse Osmosis Deionized) at around 1 gallon a day (depending on your weight).  A lot of people are constipated because they don’t drink enough water.

Many people don’t consider this a food that causes constipation, but what you drink is crucial.  Drop the soda.  Soda is very acidic and the carbonation neutralizes the acid in your stomach that digests food.  So your food doesn’t digest properly and this causes a constipation issue.

If you drink when you eat, you are diluting the enzymes and stomach acid, so don’t drink while you eat.  If you feel that you have to “wash your food down”, you are not chewing your food properly.  If you can’t chew it down, you shouldn’t swallow it.

So it simply comes down to this…

The types of foods that cause constipation are “dead” and altered foods.

Foods that are

  • Processed/overprocessed “dead”
  • GMO
  • overcooked
  • synthetic
  • loaded with chemicals and artificial ingredients

Once you have a constipation issue, you will need help restoring the body to health and get your bowls moving.

Learn more about this on my newsletter.



What is the connection between calcium and constipation? Does it help?

Let’s discuss that and how you can get consistent help with constipation.

You may be looking at calcium as an answer to that “crappy” constipation problem.  There is a chance it may help but there are other things that can definitely help.  Some people are asking the same thing about magnesium.

They heard somewhere that magnesium can help with constipation.

Here is the thing about both magnesium and calcium and the reason why I am bringing it up.

Calcium and magnesium need each other to be assimilated into the body.  So if you only take calcium, you wont get the most use out of your supplement.

I’m assuming that you are using a good quality and safe calcium supplement.  Most people think they do because it came from the grocery store, or it came from a vitamin shop, or a health food store.  Some thing their supplement is the best because it came from a specific type of doctor.

Unfortunately, all of those can be poor quality even with their guarantees.

I’ll tell you in a bit how you can find a place that has good quality and completely safe supplements guaranteed…

Back to the topic of calcium and constipation.

Calcium and magnesium are a peaceful combination.  They can help relax the body and the muscles.  It is known that magnesium can help a constipated bowl to move.  It isn’t a guarantee though.

It depends on what is happening with the body.

I’ve taken a calcium and magnesium supplement before and I don’t remember it helping me go to the bathroom.  It could help you though.

The problem you are experiencing could be more complex and without getting to the root problem, most things you do will only be temporary and you will be dependent on them for the rest of your life.

When I discovered what my constipation problem was, I also discovered it caused problems for many other symptoms that I just couldn’t point to a cause.  If I continued to only deal with my constipation, I would be stuck with it for the rest of my life.

Now I can focus on the causes of my symptoms so eventually, my body will be healed and whole and functioning normally.

If you want to learn more about being free from constipation, the supplements I use, and what might be causing your constipation, join my newsletter below.




You might be wondering if you should use magnesium for constipation.  Many people are looking for a simple and quick solution to a complex problem.

Is that what you are looking for?

Magnesium is a good mineral and important for so many body functions but it isn’t the “cure all”.  Some people find that magnesium helps their constipation while others don’t find relief.

Calcium and magnesium depend on each other to be assimilated into the body.  Minerals need something to activate them.

I talk more about these types of things in my newsletter.

Magnesium citrate is one of the many good forms of magnesium but not the only one.  Just make sure you get a good quality and safe mineral supplement if you are going to try it.  Most of the supplements you find online and in stores are not good quality and safe.

I will tell you how to find out about a good quality and safe supplements supplier below (it is the company that I buy from).

If you find that the magnesium doesn’t help, you can use other supplements from the same company.  I use them to help my sluggish bowel problem.

If you want to know what products I use for my constipation, sign up for my newsletter where I share my journey of realizing I was constipated and what I could do without using medication.

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Do bananas cause constipation?  What a controversial and confusing topic.

I hope to shed some light on this for you in an easy to understand way.  I love eating bananas and I eat them every day (2x a day).

Do they make me constipated?

I do have a constipation issue that I have been working on for many years.  There have been times I didn’t eat bananas and I was constipated.  So, they don’t make me more or less constipated.  They seem to have no effect on me.

I don’t have the explanation for what I am about to tell you but maybe this is a reason why some have problems and some benefit from eating bananas.

In the blood type diet, Blood type A & AB should avoid bananas.  Blood type B will greatly benefit from them while Type O is neutral (not bad or highly beneficial).

I am a type O and I enjoy them while my wife is an O – and they don’t work well with her (doesn’t make her constipated).

So maybe that is a clue to why it may work for some and not others?

Here is another possibility as to why bananas can cause constipation.

Bananas are picked while they are green.  Fruits and vegetables are way more beneficial when they ripen on the plant/tree and then we eat it.  But, that is difficult to do since a lot of the fruits and veggies come from long distances.

If bananas are eaten when they are green, it is possible that this may make it harder to digest and cause a sluggish movement and constipation.  So make sure the bananas are ripe (some brown dots).

If you buy bananas that are processed for you (jarred,canned,frozen), you wont know if they were ripe or not when processed.

So this is the opportunity for you to make your own jarred or frozen bananas.  Make sure you take the peel off before freezing, otherwise its difficult to get it off. LOL

If you think bananas are making you constipated, stop eating them for a while.  If you stay constipated, it probably isn’t the bananas.  If you are no longer constipated, start eating them again and see what happens.  You will have your answer.

If you want to learn more about eliminating constipation naturally and without medication, sign up for our newsletter.




You are looking for a constipation home remedy because you want help with your problem without drugs, right?

I remember when I was where you are…right now…

I was constipated and had no answers.  I asked my friend that was a chiropractor and did a lot of studying in the natural health field.  I was sure he had the answer to help.  He told me to get a blood test so I went to the doctors.

The doctor said I will have to go on medication if my friend can’t help me.

Forget that!

I don’t need drugs and wont use them.

Is that how you feel?  I’m going to provide you with some answers to help you understand what is going on and what to do.  I share way more on my newsletter, so make sure you sign up.


Home Remedies For Constipation

Here is a temporary home remedy for constipation.  It isn’t an easy one but for me, it really helps.

– Spicy ingredients. [Cayenne]

Let me explain…

Cayenne is very good for you.  It has so many health benefits so feel free to look it up.  Whenever I eat cayenne that is very spicy, my colon pushes everything out to get the cayenne out.

I’m not sure why but it doesn’t like spicy things sitting in it.  So spicy spices act as a stimulant to make the colon move.

The cayenne that works the best is 40,000 HU or hotter.  You can sprinkle the cayenne on your various food or put a teaspoon of it in warm water and drink it 3xs a day (you may have to build up to it).

Now another thing I like is eating Hot salsa.  That works everytime.  When I eat some the day/night before, it is ready to come out in the morning.


Eating these spicy foods aren’t easy.  They’re hot!

When it reaches the colon, its not the most comfortable feeling. It will get old going through this every day but if it is the only answer, it is better than not going or using toxic medications.

Some say that these spices cause health problems and ulcers or other health problems.  I have been eating these spices for many years and have never had problems from it.  My wife has been eating these spices way longer than me and hasn’t had problems.  Just try to eat non gmo spices and foods.  Organic if you can.

GMO and non organic spices and foods definitely have the potential to cause more health problems.

There are easier ways that will also help your body to heal itself and work normally.

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